Do you like to sing?

Would you like to sing to the delight of you and the others?

Would you like to relax with a little bit "human" between the lots of "real"?

Would you like to be part of exciting concerts even abroad?

Did you say yes to any questions?

Then join us every thursday at 18:00!


At its predecessor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the choir was organized in 1867 as the Technical University Dalárda (Choral Society of the Technical University). The vicissitudes of the world wars interrupted the activities of the choir, but in 1952 it was reorganized as the Technical University Choir (mixed choir). Our current goal is to nurture the cultural life of the university and to represent our university nationwide and international cultural events. We also repeatedly participate in official celebrations at the university. Currently, 25-30 people sing regularly in our mixed choir. Most of our members attend here or graduated here, or our friends from other professions, universities, workplaces. So many memories and experiences in music connect us.

Our conductor has been Vida Györgyi since 1977, under whose leadership the choir has achieved many professional successes. Our repertoire includes ecclesiastical and secular, acapella and oratorio, classical and 20th century music. We usually collaborate with the Orchestra of the Technical University in the performance of the oratorios.

The operation of the choir is carried out outside our university by the Technical University Choir Association founded by the choir members and supporting members (tax number: 19670168-1-43). The association was founded by the choir members in 1991. Its aim is to support the Cultural Life of the Technical University and choral music by giving moral but mostly financial support to the declining university grants. The Memorandum and the Articles of Association regulate the order of legal operation. The association helps us achieve our goals with 1% grants and by occasional applications and won grant amounts.

If you like singing and would love to do so as part of a community of friends, feel free to contact us at e-mail address.

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